2004 - 2012 - Always missed - never forgotten! 
OMCBA Grand Tree Champion, OMCBA Grand Nite Champion - NKC WORLD YOUTH SQUIRREL CHAMPION AND WORLD YOUTH TREE CHAMPION and Overall Dog at the Youth World Hunt  NKC SQ CHAMPION AND NKC TREE CHAMPION - Best Male of Show at the 08 Show Me Cur and Feist NKC Championship Hunt - 09 Arkansas State OMCBA Nite Champion and Reserve Squirrel Champion.Combination Dog Winner at the June 2010 OMCBA Hunt & more!
   Sired by Junior Jukebox and out of Bonnie Beti (Hall of  Fame)
We raised Bubba from a puppy and then Bubba came back to us in 2007 from our son in law and our daughter - Buck and Billiejean Thompson due to Buck not being able to hunt so much.  Bubba was a put his feet on the tree and barked hard and stayed put dog!   We breeded him to some top females so we hope you were one to own a pup out of him! Bubba was Donnie's hunting partner and favorite dog to hunt - day or night!  We hated to loose him at such a young age too!  He will always be fondly remembered and always missed!  
Buck and Bubba after short squirrel hunt.
30 plus coons in a a two night hunt up in Northern MO Kneeling - Taylor Dawson with Blaze, Buck with Bubba and Donnie with Shazam
Feb 06 hour coon hunt with both of the Thompson's dogs - Bubba and Dollar.  These two are being bred so be on the watch for some blue pups!  
Christmas 06 coon hunt - Eight nice skinned out coons!  Nick Clark with his Junior Jukebox male, Two Toed Joe and Bubba with Buck
End of the 2006 Year coon hunt - Nick with Two Toed Joe and Jossie a daughter of Joe, Charlie who guided, Buck and Bubba, Taylor with Blaze who is sired by Jam II and Donnie with Shazam
Bubba pictured January 2007
Tootie Fruity and Bubba hunting along the White River in February 07 being filmed by Randy Gary for his upcoming Fur and Fangs 07 video - CD #6
Dally Thompson and her wins with Bubba Shot the Jukebox at the 9th Annual NKC World Youth Hunt - Sept 1, 2007.   They ended up World Squirrel Champions, World Tree Champion, Bench Class winner, High Scoring Girl, 
High Scoring Mountain Cur, Overall Youth Handler and Overall Dog  - WHAT A DAY!  
A couple wins at the September 07 OMCBA hunt at Jamestown, TN
Mo State NKC Championships - Humphreys, MO - March 1, 008.  9th in the Squirrel hunt, 9th in the Treeing Contest, 4th in the coon hunt and BEST MALE OF SHOW  and went on to be the OVERALL BEST OF SHOW on the Bench!  
Bubba and Donnie with some of the 2008-09 Hides we sold.  There were 480 squirrel tails - only a small representative of the squirrels that were treed!  
2009 Arkansas State OMCBA Reserve Squirrel Champion
2009 Arkansas State OMCBA 
Night Champion
Singing the same song!  Little Jam and Bubba early in March
Bubba after winning the Dash Race in June 2010
Bubba's Win at Melbourne, AR - 1- 2012