1996 - 2004
We lost Junior Jukebox August 7, 2004 after an extended illness.  He put up a good fight but the vets could not find out what the problem was.  He is sorely missed as he was very much a part of our family!  He produced really good pups for us!  He had a super mouth on him and was a real hard tree dog!  We were so proud to own him!   Junior was an OMCBA Nite Champion, an KSBA Bench Champion and had one KSBA Nite Hunt win. He won the OMCBA Roll Cage at the Fall 2002 Hunt.  He did all of that in just 5 hunts!  He was also an NKC Bench Champion. But BEST of all his pups are outdoing themselves!   At the 2003 Youth World Hunt at the Busch Wildlife Area ALL the Champions and Reserve Champions in ALL events were out of Junior Jukebox!  What an accomplishment and are we proud!    We hope you were one of the "lucky" ones that have Junior Jukebox pup!  We have a couple sons and daughters to help carry on his name for us.   Watch for the Junior Jukebox dogs at the next hunt you attend!   Junior is buried under the trees at our farm with a head stone that has a fossil of a tree on it.   He will never be forgotten!