Robert Kemmer and his first
Mtn. Cur dog!
This is Cooner at Carl Grays
Dave Glazebrook on left, Ted Clark in the middle and  ??
Dave Glazebrook with Nero, Robert
Kemmer in background at Lake Francis
Mike Clark on left  and Henry Erb at the May 4 & 5th 1974  Mtn. Cur Meeting .  Mr. Erb got 1st in this
year and under class
This is Ted Clark on the left with Yellow Bob and Tennessee Mtn. Blondie with  maybe ? Roy KemmerText
Donnie Clark  (a few years back!)
with Rattler and their OMCBA trophies and that fancy car!
Think this is Champ and Rough at the treee in September 1974
The next page of old photos were taken from the first Mtn. Cur book ever made.  The history in this book was written by A.D. Ledbetter and published by Chester Clark.   You may have some of these dogs in your dog's pedigree.  Hope you enjoy them and thanks!  Be watching for more old pictures to come soon!