CALAMITY JANE    KSBA  GRAND BENCH CHAMPION,  GRAND SQUIRREL CHAMPION AND TREE CHAMPION.    OMCBA GRAND SQUIRREL CHAMPION AND GRAND TREE CHAMPION.  NKC  SQUIRREL CHAMPION  TOO!  Right before we lost her she was the RESERVE ARKANSAS STATE SQUIRREL CHAMPION AND THE OVERALL HIGH SCORING DOG.  Jane produced several champions from lots of different stud dogs!   You still find her pedigree in young pups nowdays!   

COUNTRY TIGE    KSBA GRAND BENCH CHAMPION, NKC SHOW CHAMPION  OMCBA BENCH CHAMPION     HUNTED AT HOME FOR PLEASURE  (It's hard to not take those old reliable dogs to the competition hunts! )  BILLIEJEAN IS PICTURED HERE AT THE 2000 NKC YOUTH WORLD HUNT WITH COUNTRY ON THE BENCH!   Billiejean was heading off to college and sold this female at Elnora to Chester Thompson from Lousiania!   She was STOLEN from Chester's.  That was years ago so she is probably long gone.  She was a good dog!

GRAND BENCH CHAMPION AND  TREE CHAMPION.   (She was only 4 months old when she became tree champion barking against lots of good dogs!) OMCBA  GRAND BENCH CHAMPION.   Doodles was one of our top producing dogs. She died needlessly having puppies but not in vain as several of these pups have turned out to be the top in our mtn. cur breed.  We were priviledged to own her sister, DIXIE, but she got run over by a vehicle.  
LUCKY YELLOW ROSEShe is a Suaer 's Rex daughter and was a great producer!  There are SEVERAL good dogs out there by her!  Hunter, Konan,  and we owned a couple - Jr's Brindle Rose and Dixie!  She was never shown but was a good pleasure hunting dog!  When she barked she had the squirrel!  She is now owned by Eddie Stevens, MO
Pictured here after a squirrel hunt the summer of 2000.  "Boots" is 3/4ths Streak's JR and 1/4th Georgetta breeding!  She spent most of her nights in our house and was a fine squirrel dog to own!  We never bred her - just hunted her!  She is now down in Lousiania 

HELEN WHEELS   OMCBA  BENCH CHAMPION at 6 months old  AND OMCBA GRAND BENCH  CHAMPION before a year old!  She also won her puppy class at the 2000 KSBA Fall Hunt!   She was out of Calamity Jane and Streak Jr and she looked alot like her sire!  Helen is a good squirrel and coon dog!  She has produced some really nice pups and some are out there being competition hunted!  We  sold Helen in June of 06 to Darrell Plaster of Missouri as she was not getting the hunting time she deserved!  Helen Wheels is one of the dogs featured on the Squirrel Dog Fever II Video that came out in 2006!  
STREAK'S HANNAH - This is a direct daughter of Smith's Streak.  She was one of the few left.  Our Hannah was 11 years old as of March 06.   We are very proud to say we have owned her and she has produced some of our best puppies!  
These following females have been a part of our success with the Mountain Cur breed!  They hunted exceptionally well, had several competition titles and were a pleasure to hunt at home where it REALLY counts.  Loosing them was like loosing a family member and they will be fondly remembered.  ALWAYS!
We have been proud to also own these females and for the contribution they have made to the Mtn Cur breed and to our kennel!!   Here are a few photos of SOME of the dogs we have owned...
TOOTIE FRUITY - We were so please to be able to have this female out of  Bonnie Beti (Hall of Fame) and Junior Jukebox!  Tootie has lived up to her breeding well by becoming a Squirrel Champion in three hunts and well on her way to becoming a Grand Champion.  In this photo she was the combination dog for the day!  NKC World Youth Tree Champion and Reserve Squirrel World Champion Sept 2, 06. She was 4th place NKC Squirrel Dog of the Year, to mention just a few accomplishsments!   She is a fun dog to hunt with   Her puppies are outdoing themselves in the woods too!  
QUEEN OF HEARTS - She is pictured here in the Fall at the OMCBA hunt.  She is a full sister to Tootie Fruity, Kate, and Bubba Shot the Jukebox.  She is around 10 years old now.   She has produced some good pups from our Jam IIm which we have one daughter, Jenny and also a grand daughter, Tiger Lily.   She is a good squirrel dog!  
SHAZAM -At her first competition hunt she did extremely good by winning one squirrel hunt and getting a 3rd in another. She also got a 3rd in her first treeing contest against alot of dogs and a 3rd in the night hunt! She is now a Squirrel Champion - in 4 hunts.  She was producer of several good hunting blue puppies.  She is out of Hardwood Rattler. Shazam  was shot while she was coon hunting.   Thanks Shazam for several good years of good pups and hunting! We are pleased to own one of your grandget - Creepin
LILLIANIA - She is 8 in April 2013 and is an NKC bench champion.  She won Best Female of Show at the Piney Creek Benefit hunt in 06!  Donnie has hunted the hair off of her on both squirrels and coons and shes a good one!   She is out of Bluegrass Jukebox and Whoop Dee Do (both from our kennels).  In her first treeing contest she got a 4th out of several dogs!  We're please to have her in our kennels!  She has probably the loudest mouth when treeing here!
TWO BITS IN THE JUKEBOX - We call her Jill and she is a daughter of the famous Jukebox (Hall of Fame)!  Jill will be 10 years old in 2013.   She has produced us  blue puppies that are starting early and doing good.  She is a good squirrel dog herself!  
GIT R DONE  - She is probably around 9 years old as of 2013.  She had several blue pups for us!  She is out of Jukebox Augie.  We hunteher on squirrels and coons.  She is an NKC bench champion and has placed good in the treeing contests.    
PUT UM UP POLLY - She turned 5 years old in July of 06 and has produced some awesome pups out of our Jam II male and also our Strut Your Stuff male.   Those pups have alot of Duff's Bob breeding.  She is out of a sister to Bonnie Beti and on her top side she is Buckshot Willie bred.  She isn't hunted any longer but did good on squirrels.  She is a nice dog.  Randy Vice in Kentucky owns her now.  Watch for some good puppies from his kennel!  
JR's BRINDLE ROSE - She is an OMCBA GRAND Bench Champion, and NKC Bench Champion.  She was the Arkansas State Champion Bench Female.  She is a good hunting dog and produced one litter for us out of Sports Razor and those pups are doing good in the woods too!   She is out of our Junior Jukebox and Lucky Yellow Rose. She would be around 10 years old in 2013 if she is still alive.  She is still taked about here in our kennels!  
ROSSIE O - She is the producer of several excellent squirrel dogs and we were pleased to be able to have her here in our kennel.  We already owned one of her daughters, CHELSEA, which has proven to be above outstanding with her pups she has had!  We got no less from Rossie O's pups!   She is a good squirrel dog and has been hunted on coons.  She produces big healthy pups and now is in Indiana getting to do her favorite thing...HUNT!
CHELSEA - She will be 9 years old in 2013.  She is a go getter squirrel dog and a SUPER producer of pups!  Her litters have been out of Twin Pines Jam II and have out done themselves in the woods!  Keep an eye out for one of her pups, if you are looking!  
WHOOP DE DOO  She is a litter mate to MY NAME IS NOBODY and is out of  Bridgett and Junior Jukebox.  Bridgett is a littermate to Tennessee Tige!  Those dogs were out of the "famous" cross of Smith's Streak and Kemmer's Tenn Mt. Goldie. We sold Dee as we call her hoping she would get to the woods to hunt more as she is a good squirrel dog as well as a  producer of some might fine pups!  One we have here in our kennel - LILLIANA!  Dee turned would be around 10 years old if she is still alive?
SPEEDO  - KSBA BENCH CHAMPION.  She is a blue brindle and really an eye catcher!  She had her first litter in March 06 out of Twin Pines Jam II  and was bred to other males when we owned her too.     Speedo is good in the woods and good on the bench!  She is another Junior Jukebox female and is now enjoying getting to hunt and raise a litter of pups in Indiana.  She turned 6 years old in March of  09.  
BLUE SUEDE SHOES - Suede was one of our very favorite dogs!   Besides producing GREAT squirrel and coon dogs from any male dog we've picked she was great in the woods herself!   She has produced several blue pups for us.  She is out of Don't Rock the Jukebox and a Streak's Hannah x Junior Jukebox male.   We have two daughters of hers in our kennels.  Sour Grapes and Prize
BLACK WIDOW  - Better known as Spider. OMCBA Bench Champion at 10 months old and now a OMCBA Grand Bench Champion and NKC Bench Champion.   She is out of Tootie Fruity and Twin Pines Jam II.   Pictured here the winter of 07.  She is treeing both squirrels and coons!   Her pups out of Everybody's Buddy are hard to beat!  We have a daughter of hers rhat is also a great dog- Blast
BONNIE BETI  - We don't think her name will be forgotten for a very long time to come!  She was a 3 time WORLD TREEING CHAMPION, OMCBA GRAND NIGHT CHAMPION, OMCBA GRAND SQUIRREL CHAMPION, OMCBA GRAND TREE CHAMPION, NKC GRAND SQUIRREL CHAMPION.  She was hunted in several regional hunts coming home with lots of trophies and titles.  Beti was Buisher and York bred.  Her last big feat was winning the 2005 NKC Missouri State Squirrel hunt with 18 year old Shane Roark hunting her.  Her bloodline lives on in several good dogs she produced!  She will always be fondly remembered here for what she did for us and the Mtn. Cur breed itself!  INDUCTED INTO THE OMCBA HALL OF FAME 2008
DON'T ROCK THE JUKEBOX - We felt honored to have been able to own this natural squirrel dog!  She produced several good dogs and alot of them were blue!  She was a littermate to Junior Jukebox.  She passed away in June of 06 nursing a litter of 5 pups.  I bottled raised this litter.
TWIN PINES BROWNIE - This is Twin Pines Jam II's Dam!  We know why he is such a good dog!  She passed away in Nov of 06.  We were proud to have gotten to own and know this fine female!  
BRIDGETTE She is pictured here in our house with a nice litter of puppies!  She was older when we had the honor of getting to own her! She had several titles to her name in NKC, KSBA and OMCBA. We hunted her alot and she was still great on coons and squirrels!  She is the Dam of My NAME IS NOBODY and WHOOP DE DO to name two.  
MAYBELINE- She is pictured here with one of her litters of pups.  She was a great mama and a good squirrel dog!  Last we knew she was at home with Len Waters of AR
BLEW BAYOU-  She was registered only as KSBA.  Until the rules changed  we could breed her to our OMCBA  dog, Junior Jukebox and they produced some nice blues ! She was a good squirrel and coon dog.  We sold her up to Iowa where she got hunted alot but ended up getting caught in a  bear trap and dying.   

Here are a few females we have owned too (and probably others I'm forgetting) but do not have photos for right now...
after update 8-14-06
SMOOTCHIN SUSAN - Susan and Helen Wheels are littermates - out of Streak Jr and Calamity Jane.  Susan is pictured here as a young pup winning her Bench Championship at OMCBA.  She was competition hunted some and was a good pleasure hunting dog too.   She is one we got talked into selling and really didn't want to, but she is down South somewhere now and I hope still doing good for the new owner!  
JUICY FRUIT Daughter of Tootie Fruity.  Great producer and great in the woods!  We are proud to have had her in our kennels!  You can see she did good here at the 2008 NKC World Youth Hunt for Youth, Dally Thompson.  Her pups out of Twin Pines Jam II are some of the best from our kennels!  
HILLTOP'S TREE-N- KATE - We were pleased to be able to add this Bonnie Beti x Junior Jukebox girl to our kennels.  She is an OMCBA Bench Champion and NKC Bench Champion and Squirrel Champion.  She is an equally impressive coon dog! She is a great producer of puppies!  She's never let us down an winner of trophies.  She is 10 years old.  We have two of her daughters in our kennels - Betty and Termite.  
MTN. JACKSON'S TWISTER - Twister is a littermate to the outstanding Bounce male that has won so much in the OMCBA including being Dog of The Year two years in a row.  Twister herself is a great squirrel dog and fun to hunt with.  She is out of Hall of Fame Streak's Mtn Jackson and Hall of Fame Flatt Creek Stormie.  I believe she is in Arkansas getting to go to the woods where she loved to be!  
DIXIE -   She is out of our Junior Jukebox and Lucky Yellow Rose, who is the dam of the "famous" Konan!  and the Jr's Brindle Rose that we used to own.  Dixie is a good hunting dog as were her parents!  She still in Missouri producing good pups!  
SOUR GRAPES - Grapes is a blue female with some tan on her too.  She is out of Blue Suede Shoes and Bubba Shot the Jukebox.  She has Hall of Fame Jukebox 3 times in her pedigree, along with Hall of Fame Bonnie Beti, Hall of Fame Smith's Streak, Hall of Fame Franklin's Thunder, Hall of Fame Smith's Streak Jr...to name a few! She is a good pleasure hunting dog and has had nice litters for us.  She turned 6 in April of 13.
OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE - This is Skye and she is a Granddaughter of Trouble with the Truth - better known as Liar a Bonnie Beti son.  She is also out of Zoe - a daughter of Jukebox - more Hall of Fame Dogs.  She is doing a great job in the woods both on squirrels and coons!  She is around 4 years old now and in Indiana
SEND ROSES - She is out of Bubba Shot the Jukebox and Liar's Jenny who is out of Trouble with the Truth (Bonnie Beti x Coldwater's Bubba) and Zoe a Jukebox daughter.  We sold this girl as a young pup and bought her back.  She is great in the woods!  
MONSTER - She is an OMCBA GRAND BENCH CHAMPION  She also placed in the squirrel hunts and coon hunts at Jamestown, TN.  She turned 5 on Feb 5, 2013.  She is fantastic in the woods on squirrels and doing good on coons.  She is one Donnie likes to take to the woods!   She is out of Twin Pines Jam II and has been producing some really good pups for us too!  
BLAST - She in an NKC SQ CH, Tree CH and Bench Champion, 2010 OK State Tree Champion and AR State Reserve Tree Champion and producer of some awesome pups!  Oh and...she a beautiful dark blue!  Out of Everybody's Buddy and Black Widow.
EVERYBODYS SHOES She is out of Everybody's Buddy and Blue Suede Shoes.  Good pleasure hunting squirrel dog and good producer!  
VEGAS Nice blue brindle female and  producing really nice early starting puppies out of Everybody's Buddy!  
ROOTIN TOOTIN MELODYA sister to Black Widow - out of Tootie Fruity and Twins Pines Jam II - She's making one heck of a squrirel dog!  Born Oct 2011
PRIZE - unexpected pup out of Blue Suede Shoes and aa young Dagger male we had that we called Smiley!  She is treeing and reminds us of her mama alot!  A June 2012 pup
BANCHEE - A daughter of Jammin Jukebox (Tootie Fruity x Twin Pines Jam II)  Besides being pretty to look at she is a whale of a tree dog!  We look forward to her first litter out of Brownie in 2013!  
JAMMIN JENNY - Donnie hunted with her lots until he talked her previous owner into selling her!  She is out of Queen of Hearts and Twin Pines Jam II and a tree dog deluxe!  She can strike off the back of the truck. We even own one of her daughters, Tiger Lilly.  Jenny won her first competition squirrel hunt she was ever in!
GARNER'S BETTY - Betty is out of Kate x Jam and one fast tree dog.  Donnie hardly leaves the place that she isn't along.  She is our house dog too!  NKC SQ Champion and winner at many other hunts too including the NKC World Youth hunt 1st placing in the sq hunt with Casey Thompson.  One of Betty and Brownie's pups was the Combination Dog at the Spring Classic at Jamestown, TN and just around a year old.  The pup placed 2nd in the JR Sq hunt and 9th in the nite hunt.  We look forward to some more good pups out of these two dogs and look for Betty at the hunts!   Termite is Betty's littermate.
YELLOW BRICK ROAD Better known around here at DOROTHY!  She is a coon dog deluxe like her sire Wizzard of Oz!  She's not too bad on the squirrels either!  We are looking forward to her first litter out of Brownie in 2013.  
TERMITE - She is out of Kate and Jam and is a littermate to our Betty.  She won the Overall Bench Show at the NKC World Hunt.   She is a good squirrel dog also.  Her first litter was out of Brownie early in 2013 and we look forward to updates!
TIGER LILY This must be Donnie's secret weapon as no one has gotten to see her in the woods!  He bought her with an injured stiffle and we had her operated on and waiting til she can go back to hunting in June of 2013.  She is out of Jammin Jenny and a Nickleson's bred male.  
LIGHTENING - Out of Super Freak and Twod Joe. OMCBA Grand Bench Champion.  She now with Nick after her dam passed away.  He is getting her to the squirrel woods alot now.  Look forward to her pups in the future.
KATIE - She was from our Whoop Dee Do and we were pleased to add her back in our kennels.  We had a nice litter of pups from her and sold her so she could be hunted more than she was going to get here.  
CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?   Super bred female from Allen Franklin's kennels that because of "overcrowding" here we let her go to a new hunting home!  She was going to be a good one!  And believe she was a sister to BABE....okay so we have STUPID written on our foreheads!  
TILLY - She is a good all around "farm" dog besides being good in the woods!  She is out of Lillian and Jammin Jukebox.  Donnie really likes her as she likes to be with him while he's cutting wood or bush hogging or hunting!