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We believe in the Mountain Cur dog and our goal is to preserve that dog as we know it!  Donnie grew up with Mountain Cur dogs, hunting and showing several of the past "famous" dogs.   (Dan Boone, Rough, Kentucky Lady,  Yellow Jack, etc.)  The great thing about this is we have been lucky enough to pass these hunting skills and the Mountain Cur dogs on to our next generation through our son Nick Clark and his family, through our daughter Laura Clark Bohannon and her husband, Billie, and through daughter Billiejean and her husband Buck Thompson. Which in turn they are passing the same hunting heritage on to their children!  We've had four of our grandchldren to the hunts with us!  

Many of you might remember Billiejean thru the monthly FULL CRY MAGAZINE column that she wrote for four years for the KSBA Youth.   If, for some reason you do not get  FULL CRY, we highly  recommend it, as they are dedicated to  promoting the dogs we so  strongly support!  Send 29.50 (yearly rate) to  Full Cry, P.O. Box 777, Sesser, IL. 62884  1-800-851-7507

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Robert Kemmer with Champ and Rough!
We  try very hard to do our best where all  is concerned.  Learning you can't please all people all of the time is a hard lesson in life! We try to do our best, especially with the people we meet and the friendships we form. After all, that is the only thing in life that one will be able to take with them in the long run!  KSBA      KSBA    KSBA   OMCBA    OMCBA   OMCBA  MTN. CURS Squirrel Dogs      Coon Dogs   Squirrel and Coon dogs  OMCBA squirrel dogs  Squirrel puppies
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Click     You can learn more about the Mtn. Cur dog's history, see lots more photos  and all of the Hall of Fame Dogs at the following web site:  
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     Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association
If you haven't already visited www.sqdog.com make that your next stop!   - Best place on the Web! 
 Check out the photos of our past litters.  


TWIN PINES JAM II has always been one hard hunting, stay put dog!  He has a loud mouth and is an excellent squirrel dog and better yet has pass these qualities on to his puppies!  To name a few titles  he has earned - OMCBA Grand Bench Champion, an NKC SUPER GRAND Squirrel Champion and NKC SUPER Grand Bench Champion and NKC Nite Champion!  He is an NKC World Bench Champion and NKC World Squirrel Champion and NC & FBA World Reserve Nite Hunt Champion Title at Elnora and Reserve MO State Nite Champion.  He is out of OMCBA Hall of Fame dog, Twin Pines Jam.   I'm sorry to say,  but we believe there will no longer be any more Twin Pines Jam II puppies. He will be 12 years old in May of 2013.   We have several of his daughters in our kennels that are producing good pups for us too out of our good males!  
This is EVERYBODY'S BUDDY.  He is 10 years old in 2013 and a FULL brother to our deceased Junior Jukebox.  Of course we had high hopes for him and he has met that expectation fully!  Here he is pictured with our 2009 coon hides and squirrel tails.    He has been to the woods with Donnie coon hunting and squirrel hunting and treed on both.   He has a super disposition and fits his name to a T!   He's a blue brindle, natural bob tail, dews, super nice "cur" ears.   Watch for some nice pups out of him and our good females!  HE IS NOW AN OMCBA BENCH CHAMPION AFTER WINNING THE ARKANSAS STATE OMCBA BEST MALE OF SHOW BENCH CLASS Feb 2009!  He won the CHAMPION BENCH SHOW at Jamestown, TN in September of 2009 making him need only 50 more points to become a Grand Champion on the Bench!   We are very pleased with his pups, so you are wanting one be sure to get ahold of us!  
I have not been able to work on my Homestead pages for almost 3 years due to a conflict with Homestead and my satalite provider but it looks like now I am once again able to update it!  I hope you will check back as I will be working getting this spruced back up!  The most recent litters and puppy pictures you can see at www.castlehillpuppies.weebly.com  also.  We have bred several females for April, May and June puppies.  I will try to add them to here but I do still have some issues logging in so be sure to check out the weebly site for up to date information!  
We were very pleased to add GARNER'S BROWNIE who was already an GRAND OMCBA BENCH CHAMPION, 2011 OMCBA WORLD BENCH CHAMPION, NKC SQUIRREL CHAMPION to our kennels!  He was Donnie's main coon dog in the 2012-2013 season and is also doing good on squirrels this spring.  He had produced one litter out of our Betty dog before we got him and those pups are doing GREAT on the competition circuit!  A pup owned by David Choate ended up Reserve in the Junior Sq Hunt at the 2013 Spring Classic and 9th in the coon hunt to end up as Combination Dog!  Needless to say we were very pleased!   Brownie is out of the "famous" BABE female that has won alot of the big hunts and was on the front cover of Full Cry.  Brownie is jukebox bred top and bottom and is just 3 years old.  He is coming to the competition hunts with us so be sure and come see him in person!  
We are also please to announce that in 2013 we also added to our kennel 3 year old CREEPIN!  He is a super nice blue brindle male out of Rocky Ridge Blue Rattler and a daughter of two dogs from our kennels - Shazam and Junior Jukebox.  
Donnie has had him in the woods alot this spring and he is one heck of a squirrel dog - hard tree dog - and very friendly to those hunting with him.  We look forward to his first litters here from Castlehill Kennels!  Be sure to check with us this spring and summer to see what is available.  We plan to bring him to some of the hunts also!